Grins from Every Genre: Washington Authors That’ll Make You Smile

July 7, 2016

Not only can reading promote intelligence and improve memory, it encourages empathy, reduces stress and leads to overall happiness.

Happiness is surely something to smile about! Check out our favorite Washington authors to make every reader smile:

If you’re a….

• Romance Lover, fall in love with Debbie Macomber.

As one of Washington’s bestselling authors, Macomber has penned over 150 romance novels that inspire love, optimism and faith. Born in Yakima, her work often invokes images from where she grew up.

• Sci-Fi Enthusiast, visit Frank Herbert’s planet of Arrakis.

Herbert rocked the Sci-Fi world when he published “Dune” in 1965. Forever conjuring images of teeth-baring sandworms, Herbert wrote 5 more novels in the series before his death in 1986. Today, his son continues the saga’s legacy.

• Sucker for Short Stories, laugh along with Sherman Alexie.

Growing up in Wellpinit on the Spokane Reservation, Alexie overcame many barriers to achieve his literary success. His stories use humor and wit to cleverly capture his experiences growing up as an American Indian.

 • Poet and You Know It, ponder the words of Tess Gallagher. 

No one can quite speak to the beauty and rhythm of life in rural Pacific Northwest like Tess Gallagher. Born in Port Angeles, her poetry chronicles the landscape she grew up with, while documenting a life full of love, loss and grief.

• Travel Aficionado, make Rick Steves your go-to guide.

The Edmonds-based travel writer has written over 60 guidebooks, covering everything from the best London hole-in-the-walls to tips on avoiding museum lines in Rome.

• Fantasy Fanatic, enroll in Richelle Mead’s Academy.

Thanks to “Twilight,” Washington is no stranger to vampires. But we perhaps favor the high-school, butt-kicking vampiric best friends introduced in Mead’s “Vampire’s Academy.”

Who did we miss? Let us know your favorite Washington author in the comments!