Cat Smiles Gone Viral: Teeth Tips for Pretty Kitties

January 21, 2016

Cats rule the online social sphere. Fluffy felines mesmerize with viral videos, laugh-out-loud GIFs and millions of memes. What is it about cats that make us smile from ear to ear? Cats captivate with their human-like facial expressions and body language, according to Mashable.

And Washington agrees. We’re ranked #4 in the nation for cat lovers. And in Seattle, cats beat out kids and dogs, according to a recent survey.

Humans of cats know they’re not very needy, but their teeth still need attention. Get your cat YouTube-ready with these tips:

Get a yearly checkup.

Your cat can have early signs of dental disease without you even knowing. Take them to the vet for an annual checkup and professional cleaning.

Clean teeth regularly.

Start brushing when your kitty is young to establish a routine. Find feline-specific toothpaste at your local pet store. Get cats in the habit with 3 at-home cleanings per week. Finally, brush teeth like you would brush your own — gently along the gum line.

Serve the right foods.

Diet is an important part of your cat’s dental health. Serve a combination of dry and wet foods. Boneless raw meat is a safe choice — the texture stimulates chewing.