A Parent’s Plan to the Perfect Pajama Party: 3 DIYs To Get The Party Started

December 3, 2015
So, you’ve decided to be brave and host your child’s slumber party. Good for you, gallant guardian! It’s a fact — kids need sleepovers. Like adults, it’s important for little ones to have “goof around time” where they can unwind, unplug and socialize (i.e. your “Book Club” night with the ladies).

You’re probably wondering how to keep the party fun for the kids and low-stress for you. The answer is easy: Have a plan! Here are 3 plan-ahead DIYs to get the party started:

1. Souvenirs

Head to your local bargain store and pick out sleepover-themed trinkets. Write each guests’ names on a bucket to make them feel extra-special. Slip stickers, lip balm and dental items into each favor bundle. Why? Toothbrushes are the most forgotten sleepover must-have.

2. Snacks

Unhealthy snacks are a slumber party staple. Spice your sleepover up with a healthy, easy-to-please alternative: Pint-sized pizzas!

Start with mini, thin-crust pizza rounds (most stores even make whole grain versions!). Then let little chefs pick their favorite ingredients. Healthy options include:

• Low-fat cheeses

• Mushrooms

• Peppers

• Olives

• Lean turkey

• Broccoli

• Spinach

Remember to ask parents about food allergies or picky eaters. And, if you MUST serve sugary snacks or heavy foods, do it at least an hour before bedtime. This helps prevent late-night sugar highs and tummy aches.

3. Selfies

Selfies and sleepovers go together like PJs and popcorn. Hang fabric for a funky photo wall. Print out our templates (below) so slumber partygoers can DIY photo booth props. Get creative — markers, feathers, and sequins make for extra flare. Don’t forget the camera!

It’s fine to bend bedtime rules a little, just make sure little ones get at least 8 hours of shut-eye. Sleep is crucial to your mood, body and smile. Party on!
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