6 Healthy Halloween Treats

October 30, 2014

As a dental benefits company, we obviously care a great deal about oral health and we know candy isn’t exactly the best thing for your teeth. But who are we to deprive kids of Halloween treats?

So, we’ve created a list of smile-friendly Halloween treats we know they’ll love. They may even make you the most popular stop on the block!


  1. Milk or Dark Chocolate: Chocolate is one of the

    best options

    to give to trick-or-treaters. Chocolate melts fast and washes off of teeth easily, making it harder for bacteria to cling to enamel.

  2. Sugar Straws: We know powdery candy is mostly made of pure sugar but it

    dissolves quickly

    and, like chocolate, doesn't stick to your teeth.

  3. Sugarless Gum: Kids love this long-lasting, bubble-making candy. We


    sugar-free gum because it’s a super saliva generator that removes food particles from your mouth. Look for a sugar-free gum that contains xylitol, a sweetener that reduces mouth bacteria.


  1. Temporary Tattoos & Stickers: Stickers are inexpensive and universally loved. Feel free to add temporary tattoos to the mix – they’re like stickers that last longer! Bonus: Watch little ones delight as they choose their favorite spooky sticker or temporary tattoo.

  2. Glowsticks: These unique treasures will bring bright lights to the Halloween night.

  3. Dress-up Accessories: Give little ones a costume helper! Small items like vampire teeth, an eye patch, costume jewelry or sunglasses, make (fun) additions to the treat tote.

In preparation for tomorrow’s big night, we suggest buying 1-2 items from each category. When your trick-or-treaters arrive, let them pick 1 treat and 1 treasure. It’s sure to make them smile.

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Happy Halloween!