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The Health Care Authority (HCA) recently announced the transition of managed care dental will be delayed until July 1, 2019. Apple Health Dental administration will remain unchanged until then. You can find out more on the Health Care Authority website.

Delta Dental Medicaid has been selected as one of the apparent successful bidders of the Apple Health Dental program beginning July 1, 2019! Thank you to all of you who advocated for us. It would not have been possible without you. Together, we will ensure no one in our state is left behind when it comes to good oral and overall health.

To help with this exciting transition, we've dedicated a category of our blog to Delta Dental Medicaid. To read more, sign in to your account and access Library, Blog and click the Delta Dental Medicaid category. Or, simply click here and sign in.

Learn more about how our new network will improve the Apple Health Dental experience, and the lives of patients across our state by watching this short video.

There’s no better time than now to join our new network.

If you're a Delta Dental of Washington Member Dentist, there's no additional credentialing required.

Once you complete the contract, there are no additional steps required to join the network.

Medicaid patient enrollment is at an all-time high. 

Nearly 2 million Washingtonians have Medicaid. The growing Apple Health population includes many low-wage workers, young adults getting an education and low-income families. For many people, Apple Health is a temporary benefit as they work their way into higher paying jobs, where they’ll obtain private insurance. And once they do, these patients are likely to remain with your practice.  

Delta Dental makes administration easy

Delta Dental of California has years of Medicaid experience and currently services 13 million patients in 3 states.  They’re experts in Medicaid administration, making it simple to find out what’s covered and receive payment.

Online, you’ll find: 

  • Free real-time claims with attachments and pre-treatment estimates
  • Up-to-date patient eligibility, including effective dates 
  • Benefits, claim status and treatment history 
  • Direct deposit and/or electronic remittance advice 

Arcora Foundation works hard to improve access to care, and this will help them continue. 

Arcora Foundation has been advocating for oral health care in Washington for over 15 years, investing over $15 million.  Arcora Foundation advocates for higher Medicaid reimbursement rates through the unwavering support of the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD) program, which provides higher reimbursement rates to providers who are trained and treat Medicaid patients. Joining the Delta Dental Medicaid network will allow the Arcora Foundation to have a stronger influence in Medicaid management in our state.

If you have any questions give us a call at (206) 528-2333, we're happy to help!

Enroll online:

If you're a dentist, denturist, specialist or hygienist use these links to enroll.

  1. Download and review the contract and fee schedule
  2. Complete the secure contract through Docusign


Tribal and Urban Indian Clinics enroll online:

  1. Download and review the Washington Medicaid Indian Health Care Addendum
  2. Complete the secure contract through Docusign


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