Access to care

Connecting people to care

Low-income and uninsured individuals and families often struggle to access dental care. Too often they must live with painful oral disease, which affects their overall health. Or, they land in emergency rooms for expensive treatments that temporarily address their pain, but not their disease. The result, higher healthcare costs and poor overall health.

There are not enough nearby providers able to treat the more than 850,000 adults in Washington with dental coverage through Medicaid (Apple Health). In the first six months of 2014, only 17% of Medicaid-insured adults saw a dentist.

For low-cost care in your region, take a look at this list of community dental clinics.

We support community dental clinics to provide care for those with nowhere else to turn:

  • Investing more than $9 million since 2006 to expand community health, non-profit and tribal clinics, leading to thousands of new dental patient visits each year.
  • Delivering high-quality dental care to more than 30,000 low-income children. For the last twenty years our SmileMobile dental van has traveled thousands of miles visiting rural and underserved areas across Washington.
  • We help them learn about and share effective approaches to improve dental care for the state’s most vulnerable patients.

We connect low-income children with care at a young age and provide tips to stop tooth decay before it starts.

  • Our nationally-recognized Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD) program ensures low-income children ages 0-6 have access to dental care. No matter where you live in Washington, a local ABCD Coordinator is a phone call or email away and is there to help find a local dentist for your child.

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