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We have oral health education brochures and posters to share. These materials are for families, dental and medical offices, classrooms, community organizations, employers or anyone else who cares about good oral health.

Educational materials are free of charge to residents of Washington State. If ordering from outside of Washington, materials can be purchased at cost. For out of state orders, please contact us for pricing.

For Washington state orders please use the link below. We'll do our best to send your order within 10 business days. We look forward to hearing from you!

Materials for parents and pregnant women

  • Cavity Free for Baby and Me Brochure & Poster – Information for dental care during pregnancy. Available in English. Spanish and Russian coming soon.
  • Taking Care of Your Child’s Baby Teeth Brochure – Emphasizes the importance of baby teeth and how to care for them. For parents of children up to age 6. Available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Cambodian.
  • 6 Things You Might Not Know About Kids’ Teeth Brochure – For parents of children 0-18. Available in English.
  • Mighty Mouth Posters - Unleash the Power of the Mighty Mouth: snacking infographic poster.
  • Sealant Infocard and Tent Card - Information on the importance of sealants for children ages 5-14.

Materials for patients with diabetes and older adults

  • Living with Diabetes Brochure – Describes the link between gum disease and provides tips for better oral health to help manage diabetes. Available in English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Laotian, Cambodian.
  • Dry Mouth Brochure & Poster – Describes the connection between medication, dry mouth, and serious oral disease. Provides actions people can take to treat dry mouth. Brochure and poster available in English, Spanish and Russian.
  • Seniors’ Oral Health Brochure – Describes 10 steps for a healthy mouth and body. 
  • Oral Care Cards for Caregivers - Techniques for managing patients with dementia.

Available in English, Spanish, Russian.If you are outside of Washington, please contact us for pricing.