Arcora the Foundation of Delta Dental of Washington

Washington Dental Service Foundation has a new name. We are now Arcora Foundation, which better reflects our determination to change the arc of oral health so that everyone enjoys good oral health.

The health of your mouth affects your overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, too many people in Washington struggle with oral disease, even though it’s almost entirely preventable. That needs to change.

Arcora Foundation, works statewide to eliminate oral health disparities so that everyone can benefit from better health. Arcora (a combination of arc and oral) is a new name that better represents the work that our Foundation has been doing since 1985 to change the arc of oral health towards equity.

As a nonprofit, Arcora Foundation is dedicated to improving oral health and equity by partnering with communities to prevent oral disease, transforming health systems, and increasing access to care. Through advocacy, trainings and tools for providers, demonstration projects and community outreach, Arcora Foundation focuses on change that will benefit those who bear the greatest burden or risk of oral disease.

Arcora Foundation is working to achieve our shared vision: All people enjoy good oral and overall health, with no one left behind.

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Arcora Foundation

Washington Dental Service Foundation has a new name

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