Arcora Foundation

June 16, 2021

Delta Dental is committed to improving oral and overall health with no one left behind, including funding the Arcora Foundation in its efforts to improve health equity, prevent oral disease, and increase access to care

In 1985 Delta Dental of Washington founded the Arcora Foundation (formerly known as the Washington State Dental Foundation) as its philanthropic partner dedicated to improving oral and overall health statewide.

The Arcora Foundation is committed to a future in which oral health care is integrated into whole-person care, oral disease is greatly reduced, and everyone can achieve good oral health.

While Delta Dental focuses on serving those with dental benefits, Arcora Foundation focuses on underserved communities – including programs aimed at lower-income families, communities of color, rural areas, and older adults. Together the two organizations work to eliminate health disparities across the state.

    With the help of partners, Arcora Foundation successes include:

  • Reducing the number of low-income preschoolers with untreated tooth decay by half
  • Leading a coalition which secured dental coverage for lower income adults in Washington
  • Training nearly 45 percent of Washington physicians to deliver oral health preventive services to children
  • Saving taxpayers nearly $43 million over the past 10 years by ensuring an additional 287,000 people receive the health benefits of fluoridated water
  • Training more than 1,600 dental professionals on providing care to pregnant women and older adults

Nationally recognized, Arcora Foundation is the largest oral health foundation in Washington, and one of the largest nationally.

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