Tooth Fairy Videos for Children’s Oral Health at Home

April 20, 2020

With the kids at home, the Tooth Fairy has heard the cries of desperate parents who are in search of entertaining educational materials for their kids - and she is ready to help. We’ve packed The Tooth Fairy Experience full of fun, interactive activities to keep you and your kids healthy and busy during the stay-at-home mandate.

Tooth Fairy Videos

You’ve probably read all the children’s books on your shelves at least twice in the past week. Give yourself a break and let the Tooth Fairy read to your kids instead.

The Delta Dental Tooth Fairy will be reading aloud from a children’s book with an oral-health theme on her Facebook and Instagram. First up is The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist,

Activity Sheets and Resources

Learning about brushing and flossing doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of parent resources and kid’s activity sheets to keep your children busy while stealthily teaching them about good oral hygiene. (Score one for the parents!) Download the materials off The Tooth Fairy Experience blog page HERE.

Request a Letter from the Tooth Fairy

Maybe your first grader just lost her first tooth. Or maybe you need a motivational letter to help convince your preschooler to brush. Whatever the reason, sometimes a letter from the Tooth Fairy is just what you need. Visit the Parent Resources page to request a letter for your child. We will all get through this. And with any luck, we’ll do it with sparkling, healthy teeth.