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Dentist Networks: The Difference Between PPO and Premier

January 16, 2018

One of the best ways to get the most value out of your dental coverage is to visit a dentist that participates in your plan’s network. In the dental insurance industry, we refer to these dentists as participating or in-network. In-network dentists agree to provide you services at discounted rates and file all claims forms for you.

We offer a few dentist networks for accessing care. However, the majority of our plans come with access to our Delta Dental PPO℠ or Delta Dental Premier® network. The network you should use depends on your plan’s coverage. 

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Delta Dental PPO℠ network

If you have a Delta Dental PPO plan, then your plan is designed to give you the greatest opportunity for savings when you visit a Delta Dental PPO network dentist. 

Many PPO plans also come with access to the Delta Dental Premier® network. Since our Premier network is slightly larger than our PPO network, it acts like a “safety net” to ensure you can access in-network care. It’s kind of like a network within a network. 

If you have a PPO plan and visit a Delta Dental Premier dentist, you will not maximize your out-of-pocket cost savings. 

Pay special attention to your coverage and network before you seek dental care. Some plans are PPO-only plans. If you have a PPO-only plan, your coverage only works when you get care from an in-network dentist. 

Delta Dental Premier® network

If you have a Delta Dental Premier plan, then you get the most from your coverage when you visit a Delta Dental Premier network dentist. You may also seek care from a Delta Dental PPO dentist. 

Whether you have a PPO or Premier dental plan, accessing in-network dental care is easy. More than 4 out of 5 dentists in Washington State participate in one or both networks. 

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