Dental floss hacks

Ingenious Dental Floss Hacks

December 27, 2016

Whether you’re an extreme couponer with a floss stockpile or a plan-ahead parent with it in your purse, spare floss can do more than dental duties. Try one of these ingenious uses (after you’re done flossing, of course):

Hang Pictures

Floss is stronger than it seems. Tie it to the back of picture frames and then hang on the wall. Floss can also be used for ornaments, chimes or a clothespin picture line.

Remove Cookies

Once the cookie sheet has cooled, slide a piece of floss under each cookie to help them stay whole! Make sure you use a different piece of floss after eating the cookies.

Slice Snacks

With burritos roughly weighing as much as a small child, plastic ware doesn’t always cut it. Use dental floss for clean cuts. This hack works best for sushi, cheese, cake and hard-boiled eggs.

Start Bonfires

Get your skills ready for camping season. Wrap floss around a dry piece of wood, leaving a few inches at the end. Light to ignite your campfire!

Sew Sweaters

Lost a button or ripped a hole in your cardigan? Use a needle and piece of dental floss to sew your sweater back to brand new. Plus, dental floss is stronger than thread so the solution will stay.

Add Flavors

Foodies getting fancy in the kitchen can use unwaxed, flavorless floss to tie spice packets. Floss won’t burn or melt under high temperatures, so it serves as a great string substitute.

Dental gadget hacks don’t stop at floss! Old toothbrushes can work wonders for cleaning, painting and beyond. 

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