: Crave a forbidden pregnancy food? Ease that crave with a healthy alternative.

3 Substitutions for Forbidden Pregnancy Foods

October 4, 2016

With baby (almost) on board, the snuggle is about to be real. But for pregnancy cravings, the struggle is real. Sweets, carbs and meats are what pregnant women want most (in that order). What happens when you’re starving for sashimi or begging for Brie?

Here’s how to cope with common off-limit cravings:

Deli Meat

Nice to meat you, cold cut craving. Deli meat is prone to bacteria like listeria. Eating it isn’t a big deal for most people, but pregnant women have weaker immune systems. Deli meat increases your risk of sickness which can result in birth complications.

• When You Wanna’ Hold Your Ham: If walking past the deli department at Safeway proves challenging, try it toasted. Make sure your lunchmeat has been heated to at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mexican Cheese Dip

Many imported, soft cheeses also run the risk of listeria. And if giving up goat cheese wasn’t hard enough, one of those forbidden fromages is a key ingredient in Mexican cheese dip—queso blanco.

• In Queso Emergency: Make your own gooey goodness to satisfy your craving safely. Use this healthy recipe that subs queso blanco with aged cheddar. Bonus for baby mammas-to-be: cheese contains calcium, a key nutrient for building and maintaining strong teeth and bones. Grab your cheddar at one of these Washington cheesemakers.

That Second Cup of Coffee

You like big cups and you cannot lie. But with a 200 mg per day caffeine limit, your intake has sadly shrunk.

• Brewtiful Way to Java Good Day: Trick your brain. Fill half of your cup with caffeinated coffee and the other half with decaf. That way you can still feel like you’re getting the usual 2-cup fix. If you’re looking for something more seasonal, try our smile-safe Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and hunger-free pregnancy!