Why did George Washington never smile? Maybe this folding trick will help:

Why Washington’s Smile Was Worth Less than $1

September 20, 2016

Our nation’s currency features presidents with stoic silhouettes—not perky pearly whites. Cameras weren’t exactly iPhone quality back in the day; so holding a smile wasn’t as easy as snapping a selfie. But our first president had some serious smile struggles.

George Washington had atrocious oral health. He was forced to get dentures when all of his adult teeth fell out. Contrary to popular belief, George Washington’s dentures were not made of wood. He sported sets made from various materials, including ivory, brass, gold, human teeth and animal teeth.

Want to make Washington smile? Grab a dollar bill and turn his frown upside down with this folding hack:

  1. With a dollar facing you, fold the dollar bill long ways so Washington’s face is on either side of the crease.
  2. Make another fold long ways through the middle of his right eye.
  3. Make one final accordion fold between the 2 previous folds.
  4. Keeping the fold intact, pull on the ends slightly so you can see his face.
  5. Hold the bill slightly tilted upward to see Washington finally sport a smile.
  6. Smile with George! After all, smiles are contagious.

Based on smiles alone, who’s your past president pick? Let us know in the comments section.