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Teeth-Inspired Toys Through the Decades

August 23, 2016

Washington is the proud home to the company that houses nearly a billion toys, But let’s rewind to the time before the internet was a thing. Here are 3 of our favorite teeth toys from the past:

• Dentist Bear (1953)

Delta Dental of Washington

Suzuki & Edwards created this battery-operated toy, featuring a drilling dentist bear and a little bear patient.

• Chattery Teeth Toy (1949)

Delta Dental of Washington

Originally called "Yakkity Yak Talking Teeth,” these nostalgic chompers were a hit in the early 50s.

• Doctor Drill ‘n Fill (1978)

Delta Dental of Washington

Kids can be dentists with this interactive toy from Play-Doh. You can still find Doctor Drill’N Fill in stores and online.

What are your favorite smile-inspired toys? Share yours in the comment section.

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