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7 Must-Visit Wacky Washington Sites

August 04, 2016

Summer means road trips, and we love exploring the odds and ends of our great state.

So why not make your trip a wacky adventure?

Follow these tips, pack a healthy snack for the road and get ready to laugh and smile (it’s good for your health, after all)! Here are 7 must-see Washington oddities:

1. Fremont Troll – Fremont (Pictured Above)

As folklore has it, trolls like to dwell under bridges. And the troll under Aurora Bridge in Fremont is no exception. Though trolls are known to have a sweet tooth for human flesh, this big guy won’t eat you (but may eat your car).

2. Mystery Coke Machine – Seattle

Delta Dental of Washington

For decades, this vintage soda machine has dispensed random cans for just 75 cents a pop. But what makes this Capitol Hill landmark even more mysterious is no one knows who restocks and maintains the machine.

Teeth Tip: Even mysterious sodas can be wacky for your teeth. Remember to enjoy them in moderation and brush your teeth 30 minutes after indulging.

3. Bike Eating Tree – Vashon Island

Delta Dental of Washington

In 1954, Don Puz left his bike tied to a tree and never returned to retrieve it. Years later, the tree grew around the bike, lifting it 5 feet off the ground.

4. Dick and Jane’s Spot – Ellensburg

Delta Dental of Washington

The eclectic home of artists Jane Orleman and her late husband Dick Elliot showcases unique sculptures, paintings and other creative decorations (including over 10,000 bottle caps!). The home also serves as a gallery for other local artists.

5. The Junk Castle – Pullman

Delta Dental of Washington

For a grand total of $500, local artist and art teacher Victor Moore constructed his home with salvaged materials from a local junkyard.

6. Garbage Eating Goat – Spokane

Doing its part to help the environment, this interactive goat statue will “eat” any piece of trash held up to its mouth.

Teeth Fact: Did you know goats don’t have upper front teeth? Instead they have a hard gum pad to help gather fibrous plants.

7. Robot Hut – Elk

2,500 robots call this little Eastern Washington barn home. Their earthling owner, John Riggs, is passionate about robots and will show off his collection only to people who share his enthusiasm.

What other Washington quirks are worth a visit? Tag our Instagram account in your wacky shots!

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