Oral health tips for children with autism

Caring for Autistic smiles

April 07, 2016

Unless the dentist has been a part of your child’s life since age 1, chances are that a visit will be frightening for a young child. If your child has autism, it can make his or her first dental visit even more difficult.

But don’t worry; there are steps ease your child into the dental chair. Your experiences have made you a pro. And those qualities will take the stress out of your child’s dental visit.

Follow these 3 tips to ease your child’s anxiety around dental visits:

1. Research

Find dentists that have experience working with children with autism.

2. Prepare

Schedule short “happy” visits to get your child used to being around a dentist office. This will make everyone in the office, as well as your child, feel more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with the dentist and staff. If your child has certain coping strategies, share those subtle triggers with your dentist. There may be sensory challenges for your child – many different tastes, smells and textures.

3. Encourage

Praising a child with a calm voice for cooperative behavior can help the appointment go well. Remember, a positive attitude can help dental health.

Do you have any tips for parents of children with autism? Leave them in the comments.

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