4 Dental Technologies to Geek Out About

March 31, 2016

Lasers. Bacteria-killing gas. Cameras capturing microscopic special effects. This may sound like the next Star Wars blockbuster, but we’re anticipating a different sequel—developments in dentistry technology.

But before you re-accessorize your cosplay for the upcoming Emerald City ComiCon, stop by the dentist to see these 4 gadgets in action.

1. Needle-Free Anesthetic

Those with needle phobia, 20% of the general population, can finally look forward to a more comfortable dentist visit. Scientists are developing an electric current that will replace the dreaded numbing needle.

2. Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are like seeing an iMax movie in 3D. Dentists use cameras like Gendex to photograph hard-to-reach places at higher resolutions. These allow dentists to provide accurate diagnosis and give patients visual insights. Plus, it’s a lot better than paying $21 for a movie ticket.

3. Laser Detection

Brands such as DIAGNOdent and The Canary System use painless lasers to explore the areas invisible to X-rays. This technology allows dentists to identify early signs of tooth decay, which can save patients from future costly restorative care.

4. Disinfecting Gas

Though more testing is needed, companies like HealOZone aim to remove early signs of decay without the drill. HealOZone utilizes natural, bacteria-killing gas to treat dental caries.

The future is here! Stay in the loop with the latest news in dental technology.