3 Money-Saving Ways to Keep Young Smiles Healthy

January 05, 2016

Your child’s smile is priceless. But the cost to keep that smile healthy isn’t some abstract value. On average, dental costs make up 20% of a child’s total health expenses.

Dental care costs can be daunting — but the cost of not having dental care can be detrimental. Almost 1 in 4 children have untreated tooth decay, which can lead to future costs and health problems.

Save money on your child’s smile with these 3 tips:

1. Treat baby teeth like grownup teeth.

Just because we lose our baby teeth doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of them. Tooth decay in baby teeth affects permanent teeth, creating future (and more expensive) dental problems. Brush baby’s teeth as soon as they emerge and be sure they see the dentist by their first birthday.

2. Invest in preventative care.

The average cost for a child’s checkup is $61 without insurance. The average cavity treatment costs $139.

Good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups are a great way to help prevent cavities. You can even talk to your child’s dentist about sealants to further protect against cavities.

Dental benefits make it easy and affordable to stay on top of preventive care. Learn what option is best for you and your family.

3. Use your dental benefits.

Dental coverage is designed to save you money. Think of it as a maintenance plan for smiles. Not using your benefits for routine exams and cleanings is like skipping an oil change for your car, which can lead to complicated and expensive problems down the road.

Investing in your child’s smile is a worthwhile expense.

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