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An Epicurean Guide to Tooth-Friendly Wine

November 3, 2015

Wine may be the nectar of the gods but it wreaks havoc on teeth. The acidity in wine damages enamel, eventually leading to tooth decay.

So what’s a vintner’s smile to do? Sip responsibly with these 3 tips:

1. Moderate

As our namesake Epicurus once said, “Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.” Enjoy your wine sipping in moderation to alleviate any long-term damage.

2. Alternate

Between sips of your favorite red or white, drink water. Water washes away acidic wine remnants and encourages salvia flow. Nibbling on cheese between drinks has the same effect. Calcium in cheese helps strengthen enamel while neutralizing wine’s high pH levels.

3. Remediate

At the end of your wine-tasting soiree, wait 30 minutes to an hour before returning to your thorough brushing and flossing routine. The acidity in wine weakens the enamel of your teeth, and brushing immediately afterward can increase damage. Waiting allows your saliva to neutralize wine’s acid before brushing it away.

And finally, celebrate! We’re a proud sponsor of the Epicurean Delight Event, happening November 6th in Spokane. This event features the Pacific Northwest’s best food, beer and, our favorite, wine! In the comments below, tell us the wine you can’t wait to try.