I Scream, You Scream, Your Teeth Scream for Ice Cream!

July 14, 2015

Hands down, ice cream is delicious. In fact, ice cream is the most popular dessert in America. What makes this treat so sinfully sweet? Unfortunately, most commercial ice creams are high in fat and loaded with added sugar.

The good news is that icy treats don’t have to be full of sugar and fat! While it’s true your pearly whites aren’t fond of sugar, they love calcium, a key nutrient for building and maintaining strong teeth and bones. And, if you don’t get enough calcium, you’re increasing your risk for gum disease.

So what’s a smile to do? Keep the calcium, cut the sugar and reduce the fat. Creating healthy ice cream may sound intimidating, but it’s easier than you think!

Make like a reporter and get the scoop on our favorite healthy ice cream recipes. And grab your umbrella – there may be a chance of sprinkles.

° Sherbet!

Every day can be sherbet day with fresh fruit and a few other healthy ingredients. Whip up a sorbet base and add your favorite frozen fruit. Delight your smile and pick a sorbet with high-water content, such as pears or apples.

° This split is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

These banana split bites are a tooth-healthy twist on a summer classic. The dessert-on-a-stick features fruit, nut “sprinkles” and a coat of chocolate. Chocolate may not be sugar-free, but it’s one of the best sweets for your teeth. It dissolves quickly in the mouth, which decreases the amount of time sugar touches your teeth.

° Get your Greek on. 

Greek yogurt is low in fat and contains body-enhancing probiotics. And, according to a new study, probiotic ice cream may boost kids’ dental health. It’s simple to make your own Greek frozen yogurt, and it’s so creamy you won’t even notice the difference. This basic vanilla bean recipe is flavorful and packed with protein. Try it for yourself and Greek out!

Regardless of which treat you try, the smile-worthy odds are in your flavor. You won’t be able to top these unbeatable recipes. Well, maybe with hot fudge.