Dental 911! Coverage and an After-Hours Emergency

June 16, 2015

No one wishes for a knocked-out tooth. But the truth is – it can happen. Expect the unexpected! In case of (dental) emergency:

1). STOP

and dial your dentist. Your regular dentist should be your first call. Get your dentist’s digits now…before an accident happens. Find out how to contact him or her after normal office hours and save it in your cell.

2). DROP

your pain level as soon as possible. Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and/or any bleeding.

3). ROLL

with your dentist's advice. You may need to have an emergency office visit. Thankfully, most plans cover an after-hours or urgent care appointment with a dentist.

A dental emergency can happen anytime, anywhere. If you’re on vacation when a tooth terror strikes, find an in-network dentist in the area. This will ensure lower out-of-pocket costs. Remember – contact your regular dentist first to ensure quick and low-cost care.