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Allergeez: Can Spring Flowers Bring Toothache Power?

April 28, 2015

Love, Orlando and flowers are all exciting “blooms.”

However, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, the last bloom may not sound so appealing.

Lush grass and budding bouquets look beautiful, but they’re not always easy on the eyes. These pollen-producing posies can drive allergy levels through the roof.

Do your itchy eyes, sneezes and wheezes occasionally come with a toothache, too?

Many allergy sufferers often experience tooth pain and sensitivity. Mucus build-up causes pressure in your maxillary sinus (located under your cheekbones). Because your back molars and maxillary sinus are neighbors, tooth pain can happen.

Mouth misery can be mistaken for dental decay when it’s really just a sinus pressure indicator.

If you’re an allergy veteran, you likely already have a doctor and seasonal game plan.

Here are clues your tooth pain signals a dental visit:

  • You have a history of dental problems
  • Your pain is confined to one tooth
  • Tooth pain persists, even after allergy symptoms subside

Seasonal allergy pain is different for everyone. Your dentist and doctor are the only ones who can accurately diagnose your specific problem. Don’t wait for the pain to disappear – spring into action! Visit your doctor and dentist for a smile fit for all seasons.