Pre-Treatment Estimates: Your Personal Crystal Ball

September 11, 2014
Think of a pre-treatment estimate like a fortune-teller and crystal ball – it predicts the future of a dental procedure. But unlike fortune-tellers, pre-treatment estimates are accurate. But why would you want to get a pre-treatment estimate?

Reasons to get a pre-treatment estimate:
  • You’re planning to have extensive dental work such as crowns, wisdom teeth extractions, bridges, dentures or periodontal surgery.
  • To see if a procedure is covered under your dental plan.
  • To see if you’re going to exceed your maximum.
Before you schedule an extensive dental treatment, ask your dentist for a detailed cost estimate. Next, your dentist will submit the procedure cost to your benefit provider (i.e. Delta Dental of Washington) for an estimate. Your dentist may have to submit x-rays or supporting documents. Finally, your benefit provider will send you and your dentist the final estimate.

After you receive the estimate you’ll know:
  • How much your plan will pay toward treatment
  • Your out-of-pocket financial responsibility
  • The amount remaining toward your deductible (if applicable)
  • How close you are to your benefit maximum
While many aspects of your future remain unknown, pre-treatment estimates act as the tarot cards of the dental world. Get an accurate picture of what your next dental procedure has in store for you. Remember, coverage details will differ depending on your benefit provider, as well as your specific plan. If you’re a Delta Dental of Washington subscriber, log in to the Patient Area to get more details on your plan. Not a Delta Dental of Washington subscriber? Visit for more information on our plans.

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