Back-to-School Smile Tips

August 28, 2014

In the midst of back to school shopping and class registration, it’s easy to overlook the less common back to school customs. Add these 3 to-dos to your list to ensure your child maintains his or her healthy smile while navigating a new school year.

Schedule your child for a dental visit

If your child plays sports, you know that an annual physical is necessary prior to the school year. A back-to-school dental appointment is just as important! Dentists recommend two visits a year for most kids, and back-to-school is the perfect time because it follows a summer of sweet treats, such as popsicles.

Practice proper brushing

Before the first day of school, proper brushing schedules should be set. In the morning rush to get out the door, parents and children may neglect the recommended 2 minutes of brushing. Brushing before school should be a part of every kid’s morning routine, and brushing after breakfast is often the best choice, as it will remove all traces of food and leave the mouth clean.

In addition to building a good routine, it’s important your child have correct techniques. A hurried and improper brushing style may lead to dental problems like cavities and toothaches. Don’t forget to supplement brushing with daily flossing!

Eat a low-sugar diet

Packing a low-sugar lunch for your child helps to ensure that he or she doesn’t exist on a lunch of cookies and candy. Consider making PB&Js with sugar-free jam, or buying maple-flavored turkey or ham. Both have the same great taste without the high amounts of sugar. Fruits and veggies also make excellent snacks, as does sugar-free gelatin.

With regular cleanings, proper care at home, and good nutrition, you can ensure your child has a happy and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Stay one step ahead of dental trouble by scheduling their next cleaning today. For more information about your child’s dental coverage, please visit

Do you have any tips for parents gearing up for back to school? Leave them in the comments.