Why Dental Benefits? Glad You Asked!

March 11, 2014
We often take our oral health for granted. Yet, good oral health enhances our ability to speak, smile, smell, and convey our emotions. These greatly influence our quality of life. Since most dental disease is preventable, good oral hygiene habits combined with regular dental visits can keep your smile healthy for years. If you have dental coverage you’re more likely to visit a dentist than those without it. In fact, only 34 percent of uninsured individuals report seeing a dentist twice a year or more.* Dental benefits work because they make dental visits more affordable. Regular dental check-ups can help prevent or treat dental disease before it becomes a serious health issue. Early detection and treatment of problems such as cavities or gum disease reduces treatment costs. That’s why Delta Dental plans encourage patients to visit the dentist regularly. The cost of providing preventive dental treatment is estimated to be 10 times less costly than managing symptoms of dental disease in a hospital emergency room.** If your employer doesn’t offer dental benefits, check out Delta Dental’s individual benefit plans. They’re affordable and part of the largest dental network in Washington State. Everyone should have easy, affordable access to dental care. * Pettinato E, Webb M, Seale NS, A comparison of Medicaid reimbursement for non-definitive pediatric dental treatment in the emergency room versus periodic preventive care, Pediatric Dentistry, 2000: 22(6), pp. 463-468. ** The Long Group Retail Dental Insurance Consumer Acceptance Survey, June 2009.

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