SMILE WIDE℠! Soccer Season Starts March 8

March 6, 2014
On Saturday, March 8, the Seattle Sounders take the field against Sporting Kansas City! They hope to kick their way to a winning soccer season while celebrating their 7th year in the Emerald City.

Is your young athlete an aspiring soccer star? Do they want to be a Sounder when they grow up? If so, be sure to protect their smile with a mouthguard. Mouthguards are an essential piece of sports equipment at any age and are particularly important if your child has braces or other dental work.

According to the American Dental Association, athletes are 60 times more likely to injure their mouth and teeth if they’re not wearing a mouthguard.

There are three types of mouthguards:
  • Stock. These guards are ready-to-wear, but they are often bulky and don’t fit well to an individual’s mouth. They can be uncomfortable and make it hard to breathe or talk.
  • Boil and bite. You can find these mouthguards in your local sporting goods store. Soften them in boiled water. Have your child bite down on the softened mouthguard to mold them to their mouth and teeth. They are more comfortable than stock mouthguards once they’ve hardened.
  • Custom-fitted. Dentists can provide made-to-order mouthguards. These usually are more expensive, but they are the most comfortable and provide the best fit.

Learn more about the importance of mouthguards here. Be sure to talk to your child’s dentist or orthodontist about the best mouthguard for them.

Mouthguards work. When your soccer star cheers on the Sounders this season, you’ll be happy you’re protecting their healthy, beautiful smile!