Got A Toothache? Try Some Home Remedies

February 6, 2014

Let’s say it’s Sunday (not Thursday) and you woke up with a toothache. Your dentist is not open for emergencies and you are not sure if a long trip to the ER is worth your time. What is one to do?

If you lived in the Middle Ages, you might smear your aching tooth with honey. Or in ancient Greece, you might use donkey’s milk as a mouthwash. You could spit in a frog’s mouth for toothache relief, or touch your amphibious friend to the side of your face where your tooth hurt.

If those ancient remedies don’t appeal to you, try these instead.

Cloves or clove oil have antiseptic properties that bring down infection and decrease pain. Apply to the tooth or pain area directly. Be sure to only use a drop or two of clove oil.

Tea tree oil is another natural antiseptic that is effective in relieving tooth pain. Just rub two or three drops on and around the tooth. Massage the oil into the gums surrounding the tooth.

Garlic it does more than ward off vampires. The chemical allicin found in garlic attacks bacteria in the mouth and slows down the pain. Apply a clove of crushed garlic directly to the affected tooth.

Wheatgrass juice draws out toxins that may be in the gums and works as a natural antibiotic to stop pain and reverse tooth decay. Use it as a mouthwash or chew on wheatgrass for similar results.

Raw onion may not be the best for your breath, but chewing on it for three minutes may ease your tooth pain. You can also place a piece of raw onion directly on your tooth.

Raw spinach simply chew raw spinach leaves against the aching tooth or crush it into a paste to press against the affected area.

Salt and pepper mix ¼ teaspoon of salt with ¼ teaspoon of pepper and a few drops of water to create a paste. Apply the paste directly on the affected tooth and let it sit for several minutes.

Vanilla extract apply three- to four drops of vanilla extract onto a cotton swab and hold against the affected tooth for several minutes.

Regardless of how well these remedies may work, make an appointment with your dentist ASAP! No one can treat a toothache better than a professionally trained dentist.