Expecting? Then Expect to Visit the Dentist

January 16, 2014
Pregnancy is a wonderful event that surely calls for celebrations! It is also the time to pay extra attention to your well being, and the well being of your child. Your oral health is among the many things that may change for your body during your pregnancy and that is why it is even more important to take notice of your oral health during pregnancy.

Some of the changes you may see include:
  • Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy also affect the mouth, with more than 65 percent of pregnant women complaining of bleeding gums, commonly known as pregnancy gingivitis. This blood that is infested with harmful bacteria could in turn prove to be harmful to the baby once it enters the placenta. The bacteria, once consumed by the baby could prove hazardous to its health.
  • Oral lesions are known to occur in 5 percent of pregnant women. Known as gingival lesions, some cases result in severe pain and excessive bleeding.
  • Morning sickness or other gastric issues during pregnancy could lead to damage to tooth enamel.
  • The bones and ligaments that lend support to teeth may weaken during pregnancy, presenting the issue of increased mobility of the teeth. Tooth loss though is rare.
  • Periodontitis is a risk too, and could result in the release of harmful bacteria.

So, what can you do to protect yourself and your baby? The best thing you can do is to visit your dentist during your pregnancy and keep up on your daily oral health routine.

Unfortunately, much confusion still exists about visiting the dentist while pregnant. PRAMS, the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System presented results of a survey where it revealed that most mothers ignored their oral health during their pregnancy. In fact, they postponed their dentist visits in spite of having oral health problems. This number stood at a staggering 50 percent of the surveyed population.

Do not ignore your oral health during pregnancy. It is as important for your health as it is for the health of your child. Make sure your dentist is a trusted aide during those wonderful nine months and beyond!

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