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PEBB Members

Welcome Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program members! On this page you will find that general features such as Explanation of Benefits, Claims Status and Find A Dentist are at your finger tips. In addition you can view a copy of your current dental plan Certificate of Coverage. If you have any questions regarding your dental coverage, please contact your plan (DeltaCare: 1-800-650-1583, UDP: 1-800-537-3406) or a Delta Dental customer service representative at cservice@DeltaDentalWa.com or 1-800-554-1907.
Uniform Dental Plan (Preferred Provider Organization Plan)
The Uniform Dental Plan (UDP) is a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan that gives you access to Washington State's largest network of dentists (more than 2,600). While UDP gives you the freedom to receive your dental care from any licensed dentist, you will receive a higher level of coverage when you choose a dentist who is part of the PPO network. Your new 2014 benefit booklets are being updated, please click here for a benefit summary for 2014 Uniform Dental Plan.
DeltaCare (a Managed Care Dental Plan)
DeltaCare is Delta Dental's managed care dental plan. With this plan, you must select a dentist from a list of contracted DeltaCare dentists when you enroll with the DeltaCare plan. 
When you receive your dental care from your designated DeltaCare plan provider, your provider will coordinate all of your dental care, and provider referrals for specialty dental care when needed. Your new 2014 benefit booklets are being updated, please click here for a benefit summary of the 2014 DeltaCare Benefit Booklet.


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Questions? Call Delta Dental Customer Service at (800) 554-1907 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm PT.

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